An iPhone With A Bigger Screen Should Be Easy

If you've been on the internet any time within the last few months, you've heard that there's a new iPhone coming. Well at least, we think there's a new iPhone coming. As always, people have been talking about a new form factor for this new device, especially since people got the same form with the iPhone 4S in October. If Apple keeps with it's pattern-ish development scheme, we're due for one anyways. We have no way of telling what the phone might look like this time around (no prototypes lost in bars), however, the major thing that people are clamoring for on the internet is a larger screen. Personally, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I would like a larger screen as long as it doesn't change the size of the actual device that much. I'd like to still be able to fit my phone in my pocket (here's looking at you Galaxy Note owners).