Gamification, Here's the plan

I've got a problem. A procrastination problem. Like most people I know, I have a slight tendency to put off the boring things in my life and do some other things instead. The problem is that this doesn't just apply to boring things. I have a tendency to put off things that could be really fun, in order to do something that is just normal fun. I have a whole bunch of habits that I want to have, but that I don't have. And that's my problem. And here's the solution.

In January, I read an article on Lifehacker called Gamify Your Life: A Guide to Incentivizing Everything. In the article, the author, Alexander Kalamaroff, mentioned that there wasn't yet an iPhone or Android app that he was using to track the system he designed. "Well hey," I thought, "I'm learning iOS development. Maybe I should contact Alex and ask him if he would be alright with me making an app centered around his system." Alex was fine with it, and thus an app was born. If you haven't read the post yet go and do it now. (Seriously, what are you still doing here?) I'm planning on starting development on this app soon, like really soon. Mostly because I want it but also because theres a really great thing that's going on with Gamification. I'm not saying that people need to be tricked into forming better habits, but if I was saying that, this is the app that I would build. You can bookmark this page or the tag page in order to get updates on the project. You can also checkout the link on the Projects page (check the navbar) for more information. If you have any questions or suggestions, hit the comments below.